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I learned about Build-A-Bear Workshop while I was pregnant with my daughter, allowing me the opportunity to make her special bears from Mommy and Daddy. Now that she is almost 4 she and I have really enjoyed all the amazing animals, outfits and more that they have to offer. How it has changed in just a few short years.  Every time we visit a location or receive a surprise on the porch she gets so excited to add a little one stuffed “baby” to her collection. This time around we were able to learn about and check out the awesome new Palace Pet Collection!  For my little princess this was a perfect match!

Palace Pet

They currently offer 4 different palace pets, which include Pumpkin, which is Cinderella’s puppy, Treasure, which is Ariel’s kitty, Berry which is Snow Whites bunny, and Beauty which is Auroras kitty! For this review we received the adorable and cuddly Beauty!



From head to paws, this royal Disney Palace Pets Beauty, is dressed in a super adorable and sparkly princess outfit. Princess Aurora’s plush Palace Pet comes with a Fuchsia Fancy Dress, Fuchsia Sparkle Flats and Disney Palace Pets Beauty Accessory Set.  When you visit a location you are sent home with a cardboard box/home to bring home your new pal. Build-A-Bear wants to make sure you get the most of the experience so when shipped home you also receive the same box.  When my daughter sees this she knows a new baby has arrived.

Build A Bear 1
As we open it up we found the beautiful, bright colors that they used to make this Beauty and absolute Beauty! As you can see from the photo above, she has a crown, sparkles and more!  My daughter could not wait to get her out of the box and see what surprises she had waiting for her.

Build A Bear 3

She was ADORABLE!  With beautiful purple eyes, pink fur she was ready for some fun!  The outfit just added to the fun of this little Beauty!  The sparkly dress made her look like a princess that was ready for tea, movies and more!  The sparkly pink shoes were great because what princess does not love shoes, especially pink sparkly ones!


Here is the pricing breakdown for the animal as we received her, Beauty which is Aurora’s kitten ($25.00) which was dressed in her Fuchsia and White Dress ($13.50) and Disney’s Beauty Accessory Set ($12.50) with Fuchsia Sparkle Bow Flats ($7.50 per pair)! Overall my daughter was in love!  This is her favorite right now!

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  1. laurie nykaza says:


  2. I would love this to be able to make my daughter her first stuffed animal!

  3. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    I’d keep it for myself and I would love to have the Pink Hearts Hello Kitty.

  4. Taryn T. says:

    My daughter would love to have this card… I am sure she would either make Beauty or Rainbow Dash!

  5. Susan DeVaux says:

    I would give this to my niece who would probably choose a My Little Pony build a bear!

  6. Kara Griggs says:

    If I won this I would give it to my daughter for her 5th birthday. She would make a palace pet or my little pony.

  7. brittany says:

    i would use this for my niece for her bday and I think she would make a princess one.

  8. Michelle C says:

    I would give this to my daughter. I’m sure she would make something girly and glittery, maybe the Rainbow Style Zebra? Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  9. Amanda Spall says:

    My daughter’s birthday is next month. She is obsessed with kitties so I’m guessing a cat of some kind!

  10. Kimberly Schotz says:

    I think my daughter would make the Spider-Man Bear

  11. Jennifer Holt says:

    I’d give it to my daughter who would make a princess bear.

  12. Tracy Faris says:

    I’d give it to my daughter, her birthday is next month. I bet she’d make Aurora’s kitten!

  13. I would get the Disney Palace Pet, Beauty :)

  14. Ruby Yoshi says:

    My daughter would love a cute bear

  15. Sarah Brown says:

    My boys would use it, but I’m not sure what they’d make. The little one might want an elephant, not sure about the older one.

  16. My little niece would love this! I think she would definitely go for the princess build-a-bear.

  17. hello kitty

  18. Shay Troupe says:

    My DD would love this!!

  19. Cassandra WM says:

    I’d use this giftcard for my daughter who turns three in July. I just asked her what she’d like and she picked out Pumpkin, so that’s probably what’d she get if we won! Thank you for the chance to win!

  20. Tyneisha Fondren says:

    My daughter loves puppies and princesses so I’m sure that would be her theme!