Ways to Save Money on Your Winter Grocery Bill


Does it seem like even your grocery bill goes up in the winter? That’s probably because it does! There are many items that get marked up in the winter months, but there are also many ways to combat those sky-high grocery bills all winter long.

Buy local or in-season
Those blackberries that were $1.98 a carton two months ago are now $4.98- because they aren’t in season! If you want to save money on produce, either buy what’s in season, buy canned or frozen, or buy what’s being sold locally. This will help cut down your bill drastically.
Plan ahead
When winter is approaching, many stores offer huge discounts on produce. Buy what you can and freeze what you’re able to freeze. This will keep your winter gorcery bill down as you adjust to what’s out of season if it costs an arm and a leg to buy.
Buy in bulk
When you can, buy meat in bulk and repackage it for safe storing. You can buy potatoes and cheese in bulk, too, and that can cut down on not only your grocery store spendings, but what you spend at the gas station making so many trips to the stores.
Buy items that make more than one meal
If you are looking at a turkey for $15 and thinking that’s too expensive, consider this- that turkey can make four meals if you plan it right. Roast it for turkey breasts, green beans and mashed potatoes one night. The next night, use leftover meat and make a quick turkey noodle soup. The next night you can have grilled turkey sandwiches with baked potatoes. The fourth night have turkey legs, rice and gravy, and carrots. It’s easy to get blindsided by the up-front cost of some items, but it’s best to remember that those items can sometimes save you money at the end of your grocery store trip. Large bags of potatoes, a full gallon of milk instead of a half gallon, and 2 dozen eggs instead of a dozen are all good exmples of this.

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  1. David Smith says:

    There are some good ideas. Whenever we see a really good deal on stuff we use, we try and stock up on them. Also our local restaurant supply store has a lot of items in bulk sizes and if the overall cost per ounce/pound is less, we buy it in a large container or bag. Also coupons when used along with matching them to the store sales can save a lot of money too.

  2. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for the helpful tips on how to save a lot of money.

  3. Karen Glatt says:

    Buying in bulk and freezing the food items saves me a lot of money. When I see marked down meats and frozen items. I grab them up to make healthy meals for my family that do not cost a lot. Also, do not forget that coupons help out to.

  4. Linda Treadwell says:

    I have got to study this review and I saved it to my timeline. It’s very informative, especially since I am not familiar with any of this shopping knowledge. I spent 44 years in California and the last 10 years here in Maryland. It’s all new to me. Thanks.

  5. These are excellent ideas for saving money. Many I had never even thought of. Thanks for the tips. Looking forward to a smaller grocery bill next time I shop! : )