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I love to do crafts, always have. So when I was given an opportunity to work with Smart Lab I was so excited. This is an awesome company that offers a variety of products suck as toys, books, crafts and more. Here is a little more about the company from their website:

SmartLab Toys makes educational toys with a book component for kids ages 4 – 12. We believe that kids learn best through hands-on exploration, so we offer that experience wrapped up in a fun toy and a cool book. In 2004, SmartLab started out with eight science kits. Two years later, we expanded into arts and crafts. These days, our roster of award-winning toys now stands at nearly 50 products that stimulate both sides of the brain. We are guided by a desire to both entertain and educate. We like to think we hide the vegetables in the cake, so to speak. And, as our 10-year-old fan Simon says, “One thing I like about your books is they teach you stuff, but they’re not just Blah, Blah, Blah like some science books.” Now that’s success! Unleash some serious fun with SmartLab—where toys and books collide!

I received their Glitter Art – Craft Kit:

glitterart_box_book_componentsThis awesome collection came with everything you needed to make several different glitter creations. The best part is that they included an awesome less mess glitter system which allows you to add sparkle without the mess of traditional craft kits. This kit came with the following:

  • Less-Mess Glitterizer
  • 3 Glitter bottles
  • Paper-50 sheets, 3″ x 3″
  • Glitter – 3 colors
  • 2 Stencils
  • Glue pen

The Less-Mess Glitterizer is an awesome tool where you insert the paper inside the holder, and add the glitter to the end, which is then sent into the container to glitter up your project, you can direct the glitter back into the jar and you will find that you use less glitter due to less mess. This is the perfect and will make cleanup a breeze!

2Some of the projects that you can make with this system are beautiful glittery flowers, , glitter photos, and so much more. The flowers are fun to cut out and use on the cover of a card, it just adds that extra special touch. I also love that the glitter bottles are refillable, so once they are empty from all the fun crafts you can easily and quickly fill up the bottles and continue the fun!  My daughter had a lot of fun with this kit, and we ended up spelling out her name, glittered it, and made a sign for her bedroom door. The possibilities are endless, and for $12.99 you can have a lot of fun. Make the last few weeks of summer vacation memorable with some fun!  Click HERE to check out this product or the many others that Smart Lab has to offer!

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