Eagle Creek Pack-It™ World Traveler System Set Product Review!

I love to travel, and one important thing about traveling is to get your bags packed and have everything you need so you can enjoy your vacation. So when I was offered the chance to review the Eagle Creek World Traveler set I was excited and ready for another vacation.

The Pack-It™ World Traveler System Set  is $40.00. And its perfect for all kinds of traveling, whether packing a traditional piece of wheeled luggage, a travel pack or duffel bag, the Pack-It™ System will help you get more stuff into less space and stay organized while traveling. This set includes a packing folder, packing cube and packing sac.

My favorite piece in the set was the packing folder. It offers the ability to pack shirts, sweaters and pants compressed, and organized and keeps them wrinkle free. This is awesome and really does help you get more clothes packed in less space. When we used this for a short weekend trip. My husband and I both packed our dress code for the nice dinner we were going to have. When we arrived at the hotel we were both amazed at the condition of the clothes. There really where NO wrinkles!

We also really loved using the packing cube, this was the perfect solution for getting the dirty clothes home and away from the clean clothes that we did not use. This is the perfect little travel solution set and would make a great gift for anyone.

The travel system comes in BALI  (the one I received) and ZAMBIA  (more zebra print) patterns. The packages is $40.00 on the Eagle Creek Website. This kit is also well worth the money. Its very nice quality, easy to use and great for packing.

Check out this short video from the Eagle Creek Website to really appreciate this awesome set of products.

For more information about this awesome product and the many other products available to make traveling easier, check out the Eagle Creek Website, twitter and Facebook page!

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

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  1. This set is so cute and will make a great Christmas present for a couple of unorganized travelers I know

  2. Dawn Sterner says:

    This luggage is so nice! I love all the designs available.

  3. This travel system is incredible

  4. Lauren Patterson says:

    I love the reasonable price range!

  5. Elizabeth Ortega says:

    I lvoe the cool designs and the organization!

  6. chelesa sims says:

    i love the design of these and iam amazed after watching the video how compact they come in the box

  7. love this pattern

  8. I so want this luggage! I love this print too. Thank you for an Awesome review and pics of it! :)

  9. Jane Ritz says:

    Great review. It lets you know how perfect this is for the traveler.

  10. great review!! love this set!!

  11. tawnya mccormack says:

    I love the design very cute i want one in pink or purple tho.

  12. Alicia Ponce says:

    I just love this set and would get use from them-thanks for sharing.

  13. maria alvarado says:

    I had never heard of Eagle Creek. I like the colors and organization of the bags.

  14. tammy dodson says:

    love this travel set.

  15. Monineath says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ll have to look into getting my own set.

  16. Monineath says:

    Thanks for the review!

  17. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    I believe this packing system would be the answer to many problems. We can never get anywhere without having to iron our clothes – I would love to try the Pack-it-Folder. Also, the bali print is so pretty.

  18. Angela007 says:

    I travel a lot this is definitely an essential way to maximize your space and help with staying organized.

  19. Andrew Adamson says:

    Awesome and very well presented nice blog

  20. Julia Babs says:

    The Bali is such a pretty print! I like the Zambia also, but I think the Bali is gorgeous. Also, I love the idea of the packing cube to separate dirty/clean clothes. So useful!

  21. Charlotte Raynor says:

    Very nice set of luggage and I like where they have tips to tell you how to use their luggage. Very nice!

  22. Diane Sallans says:

    I love products that can help me be organized & they are pretty too!

  23. Christine burd says:

    Eagle Creek has been around for awhile and has a good rep .. I like the looks of these

  24. I would really love to try these, I can never fit enough in my suitcase, maybe this would help me!

  25. Wendy Kroy says:

    I travel fairly regularly and would love to try this system.

  26. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    Very nice set of luggage, and it’s pretty too! Should be able to pack what is needed and not worry about anything.

  27. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    it don’t even look like luggage, really neat

  28. Shandi Naugle says:

    These sound awesome! I would love some new luggage:)

  29. SO CUTE! I totally need a new set of luggage, and a place to go :)

  30. I love the print! These bags are so useful and pretty too!

  31. Those have ferns on them. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  32. Great looking set. Thanks for the review and the informative video!!

  33. Awesome travel set! I love the design!

  34. I love the no wrinkles!! Great review.

  35. Kasee Johnson says:

    I love your idea of using the cube to separate out the dirty clothes. That’s always been an issue for me, and the plastic dry clean bags that most hotel stock offer just don’t cut it.

  36. Amy Peschel says:

    This looks like a “Must Have” for travel.

  37. I love those bags!

  38. I had never heard of Eagle Creek, thanks for the awesome review. Love the look of these bags.

  39. These look like a great way to stay organized.


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