Toilet Tree Fog Less Shower Mirror Review

My husband wears facial hair so having the ability to shave in the shower and accurately helps minimize the mess on the bathroom counter and sink (he makes a huge mess). So I was excited to learn about Toilet Tree Products and their amazing Fog less Shower Mirror.

This product is designed to forever be fog less, which means that you will never had to replace it. This mirror has some amazing features, such as the always fog less, adjustable frame, the wonderful shelf where you can place your razor so you always know where it is.

The mirror comes with everything you need to mount the mirror. It will adhere to any surface and does so using a soft silicone adhesive which is included. In addition although its strong you can easily remove it and it will not damage the surface that it is on. My husband and I put this to the test. When we first installed it in his shower the height he selected turned out to not be the best place to put it. So after having it in the shower for about a week or so we ended up having to move it. It did come off and did not leave any mark. In addition it was still very easy to put back up.

This is an awesome product and a must have for the man in your life. With out without facial hair being about to get a close and accurate shave is a must. But while you are in the shower you can use it to insure that you removed all your make up, clean and exfoliate and make sure that you got the product all over, you can also use it to tweeze. The list goes on and on. Overall I am very impressed with this product.  You can currently purchase this awesome mirror for $29.95 on amazon, HERE.

Thank you Toilet Tree for this amazing product!

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  1. I recently got one of these and could not place what was different about the bathroom! I’ve figured it out. It’s the lack of hair mess from my man’s shaving. I love it for completing my facial routine in the shower. While he loves being able to shave with his Phillips Norelco Aquatouch, I did not realize that the difference in the bathroom was due to this!!


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