Kids are Gone 4 Day Beauty Giveaway

The kids are back in school. What is a MOM to do? How about pamper yourself with some NEW goodies?!?! Mom’s have a tough job to do and she deserves all of the best!  We have teamed up with am amazing group of bloggers to give a MOM a box full of Beauty and Fashion items.

Here is what the winning MOM can expect:

* Pink Floral Beauty Bag from Oilily * Aveda Sample Pack * Target Beauty Bag Full of Samples *

* Cushion Walk Button Up Boots (Women’s 11) from AVON * Bold Chandelier Earrings from AVON

* NIVEA Creme * Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover sample from Cutex

* Cheekers Blush (Snow Plum) by Cover Girl * 2 Gorgeous Watches from AVON *

* Smooth Minerals Blush (Rose) by AVON * Smooth Minerals Blush Duo (Radiant Sheerness) by AVON*

* Shimmering Snowflake Earrings by AVON * Classic Stud Earrings by AVON

* Nice Little Envelope of Beauty Coupons*


Sounds great doesn’t it? You deserve it, so enter while you can. The giveaway will run 8/25/12 – 8/29/12.

To enter, you must be 18 years or older and be a US resident. Entries must be completed via the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Speak Your Mind



  1. Get my hair done, make sure I put on makeup and paint my toes. Then I feel better about myself.
    cozycreations07 at aol dot com

  2. To make myself feel beautiful I get a haircut or paint my nails.

  3. justpeachy36 says:

    I like to take a bubble bath with lots of bubbles a few candles and a good book LOL!

  4. Sherrie C. says:

    I spend time pampering myself with a manicure and pedicure followed by a trip to the salon to get my hair styled :)


  5. Emily Adams says:

    Wow! Great prizes I would love to win!

  6. I could use a little pampering. I dont wear much makeup, but when i do i feel fab

  7. Heather W says:

    Oh the shoes are just my size!! 😉
    Thank you for hosting the giveaway

  8. Heather W says:

    On the days when it’s just been a very long painful week (lupus & ms patient here)
    I will put on some light make up, my maxi sun dress and then go take a walk in one of my favorite spots.
    It’s this beautiful wooded area that as a long wide area of beautiful smooth rock, at times it’s covered in about 2 inches of the prettiest water ever that ends in a small water fall. It makes you feel amazing walking out there in a lite breeze with your hair blowing back, stepping through the shallow water then sitting on the beautiful rocks with a light sunshine peeking through the trees. I’ve tool my best friend once so she could take pics of me that just looked amazing. I think it’s more of the way the place makes you feel than anything, I could spend all day in my secret place with a good book on a blanket.

    And when I can’t go there I’ll try new hairstyles (braids, buns and long romantic looks) just to living up my look a bit.

  9. Jeni Mitchell says:

    To make myself feel beautiful I smile. Not only does a smile brighten my face, but it also brightens my mood, my day, and often the day of those around me too.

  10. Kimberly Bauer says:

    I get a pedicure and straighten my hair

  11. Diane Sallans says:

    I like to use lotions – if my skin feels good, I feel good.

  12. I buy lingerie. VS makes me happy and feel beautiful :)

  13. a good night’s sleep

  14. I wear a red dress… or for that matter, anything red. It enlivens me!

  15. Robin Fortier says:

    I take a hot bath soak for an hour with candles burning then do my self up with lotions and makeup and have hubby take me somewhere nice

  16. I spend time on myself by taking the time to thoroughly wash my face daily and exfoliate my face on a weekly basis. Also I spend some money on a good facial moisturizer!

  17. For me it all starts with the attitude. I sometimes have to check myself in that! Also a good bubble bath is a great way to begin a beauty treatment!

  18. Mary Williams says:

    I take the time to do my make up, put lotion on after my shower, shave my legs!

  19. I make myself feel beautiful by doing my hair and washing my face.

  20. michelle oakley warner says:

    i give myself a facial and do my nails all pretty and try to dress nice on my days off.

  21. McKenzie McClanahan says:

    I go get my makeup done!

  22. Jessica Snow says:

    I drink lots of water, take a shower every single night before bed or if I do work around the house there might be an extra one or two and wear make up!
    Thanks for the giveaway!! =)

  23. adrienne warren says:

    I take out my pretty princess box and set up my alter to my fairy godmother and go to town with all my potions and perfumes then I conjure up my prince charming to do my nails.

  24. Shannon Goldschmidt says:

    Shower, deodorize, put on perfume, lotion, a cute outfit, my jewelry and a little makeup.

  25. Kim Kostiew says:

    To make myself feel beautiful A Nice outfit and a trip to the hairdresser works for me!! :)

  26. Laura Royal says:

    I little make-up and a cute dress does it for me

  27. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Sleep, shower and makeup!

  28. I try to get a good nights sleep. In the morning I shower,put alittle makeup on and get dressed. I lost my hair last yr to chemo but it’s slowly coming back in. It’s got a lot more gray but it seems thicker and has curl which it didn’t before. If I feel beautiful on the inside then I feel beautiful on the outside. Thanks for the Awesome giveaway! :)

  29. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    Just make sure that I wash my face everyday, make sure my hair looks good and when I have time I soak in the bathtub with bubbles for a while!

  30. Ash Johnson says:

    I go through the ordeal of straightening my hair if I want to feel beautiful. But most days I’m lazy and just settle for a ponytail. Those days I use makeup to make me feel good.

  31. Would love to have this! Now that my boy is in school all day, I’ve got a little time to myself!! :)

  32. Pampering makes me feel beautiful :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  33. to make myself feel beautiful when i wake up in the morning i wash my face and put a little bit of makeup on even if i dont feel like doing it i dont cake it on i just put some cover up on brozer/blush and a bit of mascara and eyeliner and a tad of lipstick! and it makes me feel like a lady on those days you just feel BLAH!

  34. terry maigi says:

    a little bit of make up goes a long way! and when i actually have time i like to curl my hair

  35. I do my hair and use a little makeup to feel and look beautiful

  36. jennifer wexler says:

    I get my nails done and put on makeup

  37. Raina Delrio says:

    I give myself a mani and pedi and do my makeup and hair. It makes me feel polished, even if I am only staying at home!